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Finding Your Passion


All I remember from my first football game is the smell of hot dogs, sitting on freezing cold bleachers and crying when my team lost. I was completely miserable and I couldn't wait for my grandpa to take me the next weekend.

Growing up I was a natural tomboy and I spent most of my time learning about sports from my grandpa. He had been a boys basketball & football coach and I was a just a 8 year-old wannabe athlete. At the time I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up, but if I could wear swishy sweatpants and play H-O-R-S-E all day, that'd be pretty great.

The greatest gift my grandpa has ever given me is my passion for sports. Standing at 5'3" and barely being able to finish the mile in P.E. my personal athletic dreams never took flight. However, I was still addicted to all things sports. I was inspired by the coaches, the athletes and mostly the moving stories that came from on/off the field or court.

I ended up growing up to be a professional tomboy finding my way own way in the sports industry. People always throw the expression around that "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." Even though it is cliche and super cheesemo, it is the absolute truth.

Having a strong passion will give you the drive to have the necessary commitment, discipline and joy that comes from creating a career and not just having a job. Knowing your passion isn't going to have a title but using it to fuel you through your everyday life.

Discovering what your passion is can be tricky. Your passion is the desires that God puts on your heart. What do you desire from life? Is it to inspire others, is to be a great parent one day, is it to make a difference in someone's life?

It is a beautiful thing when you can not only find your passion but you can follow it. My sister is the perfect example of this.

We found out my little sister could sing when my aunt got me a karoke machine for Christmas. After a while they stopped requesting my songs but were giving Alex encores. Who knew this little blonde girl could sing? From then on she was taking vocal lessons and performing at Church recitals. When it came time for college she decided to attend New Mexico and sing on the side. She knew her passion was music but she wasn't really following it.

After a semester at school she couldn't seem to fill this void in her heart. God was rerouting her to the track that he wanted her to take all along. She completely left her comfort zone and packed her bags for Nashville. She is is so inspiring to me and so many others.

God gives you dreams not just to dream but you have to work hard to make them a reality for Him.

Finding your passion takes work and large risks. But it will be the best investment of your time and your energy that you ever spend. It will bring you undeniable fulfillment and happiness. I wish you all the success in following your wildest dreams!


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