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Following Your Own Path

I was born in 1992 so I've been naturally clumped into the "entitled generation." Pretty much meaning that everyone thinks we are just a bunch of ungrateful kids who want everything to go our way.

Now give us a break in the fact that anytime we get on social media, which has become second nature to us, we are slapped in the face with discontent. Our Facebook timelines are flooded with engagement posts and oh look your friend just got another promotion. BOOM. Now you suddenly find yourself comparing yourself or just doubting yourself in one way or another.

"Ugh why does she always seem to be in Hawaii? Did he get another new car? Like."

We live in a world where we are more aware of what we don't have than ever before.

We struggle with everything that God hasn't given us instead of what he already has. What messes us up most in life is the picture in our head of how we think it should all go.

It can consume your thoughts. "When am I going to get a boyfriend? I'm nervous I won't get the job that I want. I should have a better job by now, right? I mean they did." So we continue chasing these things until we get what we think we want. It is a vicious cycle.

It is only human of us to feel this way and God knew that. That's why on His big Top 10 list of commands, thou shalt not covet made the cut. We have an innate trait of being dissatisfied with what we have.

Discontent is such a powerful emotion. When you are not satisfied it can control your emotions, it can control your actions. It has a potential to wreck your faith and your trust in your life's journey. I have wasted so much anxiety and energy about thinking about what I don't have instead of thinking about everything that I do. Does it make me any better? Does it make me any smarter? No. All it does it stunt me in my own personal growth.

When I first volunteered with Special Olympics, one big realization struck me. It was the unfaltering joy and radiating energy that was felt from both the athletes and their families. Here these people have had a life full of challenges but their outlook and demeanor has stayed tremendously positive. I walked away that day with my spirit feeling uplifted and inspired to live the best life that I possibly can, whatever comes my way, the highs or the lows.

The road you're on may not be the quite the way you planned it but the twists and turns are all part of the magic. I continually remind myself not to be anxious about the things I can't control but to have faith in my journey, that it is all working out the way it is supposed to be.

And if you ever want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans!

So here's to always rolling with the punches & always pleasantly surprising yourself,


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