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Meet Tay




I'm a  27-year-old, New Mexico native, whose journey has led me to the great city of Dallas, Texas. 


Through hard work, a lifelong love of sports and through the help of good people, my dreams are being brought to life. For me it is always game time and I'm constantly hungry to meet new people, explore new places and make things happen. 



College football has earned a place at the top of my list of passions, which also includes dogs, laughing, pinterest quotes, taking pictures , traveling, naps and handwritten letters. I'm a firm believer in the power of never giving up and having a strong faith.


This blog  is basically the equivalent to my kitchen "junk drawer", a little bit of this and that and everything in between.  My only hope is that through this you will be able to relate to my life and to provide you with just a little inspiration for your day. 


John 10:10




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